Efeitos da Terapia Manual no Tratamento da Cefaléia tipo

Revista Inspirar 01/2010; 2:12 - 16.


Introduction: Currently, a significant number of people had headache at some point in life. There are countless types of localized pains cephalic existing between them, one of the most common is the tension-type headache (TTH). So that, it is necessary to develop knowledge of the performance of manual therapy in the treatment of headache. Objective: To investigate the effects of manual therapy in the treatment of patients with tension-type headache. Method: In this literature review was performed an research for articles through electronic databases
PEdro, PubMed and SciELO, published in the last 10 years. Results: The use of manual therapy, mostly techniques with myofascial activities, due found studies, help to promote the reduction in the frequency, intensity and duration of pain,
improving quality of life. Conclusion: In TTH, multidisciplinary treatment is important. Effective collaboration through manual therapy has been the subject of research, and good results are being developed. However there is still a lack of studies in this

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