The experience of implementing, recruiting and screening for an online treatment for depression in a naturalistic setting.

Counselling Psychology Review 01/2009; 24:52-63.


At a time when the prevalence and severity of mental health difficulties presented at mental health services increases alongside a continuing demand on resources, services are beginning to look at new ways to innovate service delivery. Using technology to provide psychological treatments is relatively new, but has demonstrated positive results. Students are high users of the internet and related technologies and are of an age most associated with internet use for seeking health information and even treatments online. An online treatment for depression was implemented at the Student Counselling Service, Trinity College Dublin
(TCD). The paper describes the online treatment, its implementation as a pilot and discusses the experiences both positive and challenging that were met in recruiting and screening participants. The experience will be useful and of interest to clinicians and researchers who may be considering similar online interventions as part of routine mental health service delivery.

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