Die hallstattzeitliche Siedlung von Freundorf

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... Für Mitteleuropa wird konventionell davon ausgegangen, dass in der Urgeschichte für das Weben flächiger Stoffe meist der Gewichtswebstuhl verwendet wurde, dessen auffälligste archäologische Hinterlassenschaft die Webgewichte sind, die in Mitteleuropa bereits in jungsteinzeitlichen Kontexten vorkommen. Im Idealfall sind noch in situ Webgewichtsreihen vorhanden, etwa -um österreichische Fundstellen zu zitieren -der spätneolithische Befund aus Krems-Hundssteig , der urnenfelderzeitliche Webstuhlbefund von Gars-Thunau (Schierer 1987) oder ein erst kürzlich entdeckter aus einer hallstattzeitlichen Siedlung in Freundorf (Blesl, Kalser 2005). ...
Moon-shaped idols comprise a very specific and variable category of ceramic, rarely even stone, artefacts. The beginnings of their occurrence and spread in Central Europe can be connected with the cultures of Urnfields, especially the Upper Danube and Middle Danube groups. Their development subsequently continued in the Early Iron Age, when they spread beyond Central Europe to northeast Spain and north Italy. The total number of finds currently exceeds the estimate from 2004, which was around two thousand individual items. The find environment of these products is relatively variable. They usually appear in settlements, but also in situations that can be considered manifestations of cult behaviour. In southeast France and south Germany, some of the moon-shaped idols are found in the context of graves from the Late Bronze Age. Graves equipped in this way can be recorded at the burial grounds of the Bylany and Kalenderberg cultures and in the environment of the Lusatian Urnfields of the Early Iron Age mainly in East Bohemia and Polish Silesia.
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