Hepatitis B surface antigen in Cimex lectularius

ArticleinThe Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association 65(3-4):229-36 · February 1990with5 Reads
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    Bedbug (Cimex lectularius) samples adult and nymphs either engorged or starved from Central Security Forces sleeping wards, laboratory animal house and control samples from laboratory reared colonies were ground and subjected to ELISA test of hepatitis B surface antigen together with 276 serum samples from the recruits slept in those wards. In the camp 7 out of 30 samples of engorged adult bedbugs were positive to HBSAg and 5 out of 30 samples of starved bedbugs were positive. Regarding nymphs 4 out of 30 engorged samples showed positive results. One of five samples of engorged adult bedbugs from the laboratory animal farm was positive. The control samples were negative. Serum samples of 276 recruits showed 3.6% positive results of HBSAg.