[Ultrasonics in the follow-up of cases of non-surgically treated endometrial carcinoma].

ArticleinGiornale italiano di oncologia 10(1-2):9-14
Source: PubMed


    Authors present an experimental study to evaluate the possibilities of ultrasounds in the follow-up of endometrial carcinoma inoperable cases. 18 women affected by endometrial adenocarcinoma (I or II stage F.I.G.O.) not submitted to surgery (due to increased surgical risk or refusal of operation) and treated by radio-hormonotherapy were considered. In these inoperable cases, echotomographic follow-up (in association to the usual oncologic specific follow-up) permitted to evaluate uterine modifications directly "in vivo": both for tumor dimensions and for myometrial invasion. Without reference to the effectiveness of radio-hormonal therapy, from our experience the utility of ultrasounds in the selection of "non-responders" cases is evidenced ("non-responders" cases were then treated by chemotherapy).