Apoprotein E phenotypes. A study of the population of Málaga

ArticleinRevista Clínica Española 187(1):3-5 · July 1990with4 Reads
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    The distribution of apoprotein E phenotypes in a randomly chosen population sample of Málaga was compared to other published studies performed in other countries, observing minimal differences in Caucasian populations but significant differences with oriental ethnic groups. Cholesterol and triglyceride plasma levels were not significantly different in the different apo E phenotypes. A high proportion of subjects (26%) with hydrocarbon metabolism abnormalities (diabetic and glucose intolerant) was observed in phenotype E4/3 and very low (4.7%) in phenotype E3/2. The study of plasma triglyceride levels which were higher in the diabetic group, revealed a greater increase in phenotype E4/3 than in E3/3. These results support the idea about the complex relationship that exists between apo E phenotypes and some cardiovascular risk factors.