Improved visualization of posterior fossa with clivoaxial CT scanning plane

ArticleinRöntgen-Blätter; Zeitschrift für Röntgen-Technik und medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Photographie 43(12):539-42 · January 1991with3 Reads
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    Eighteen patients clinically suspected of having acoustic neurinoma were studied in both orbitomeatal and clivoaxial (CA) (the plane perpendicular to clivus) CT scanning planes during the same sessions. On the CA cuts there were highly significantly less (p less than 0.001) artifacts. Also, the tentorium was highly significantly (p less than 0.001) better visualized on the CA cuts. CA cuts could be recommended in cases when artifacts disturb the diagnostics of posterior fossa pathology or when detailed topographic information about pathologic anatomy round the tentorium is needed.