Branes with fluxes wrapped on spheres

Université de Neuchâtel, Neuenburg, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Journal of High Energy Physics (Impact Factor: 6.11). 05/2002; 0207(07). DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/2002/07/045
Source: arXiv


Following an eight-dimensional gauged supergravity approach we construct the most general solution describing D6-branes wrapped on a Kahler four-cycle taken to be the product of two spheres of different radii. Our solution interpolates between a Calabi-Yau four-fold and the spaces S^2xS^2xS^2xR^2 or S^2xS^2xR^4, depending on generic choices for the parameters. Then we turn on a background four-form field strength, corresponding to D2-branes, and show explicitly how our solution is deformed. For a particular choice of parameters it represents a flow from a Calabi-Yau four-fold times the three-dimensional Minkowski space-time in the ultraviolet, to the space-time AdS_4xQ^{1,1,1} in the infrared. In general, the solution in the infrared has a singularity which within type-IIA supergravity corresponds to the near horizon geometry of the solution for the D2-D6 system. Finally, we uncover the relation with work done in the eighties on Freund-Rubin type compactifications. Comment: 15 pages, Latex

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    • "The Penrose limit of AdS4 × Q 1,1,1 was studied in [41] [42]. Some supergravity solutions related to AdS4 × Q 1,1,1 were discussed in [43]. "
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we first compute the Killing spinors of $AdS_4\times Q^{1, 1, 1}$ and its certain orbifolds. Based on this, two classes of $M2$-brane solutions are found. The first class of solutions includes $M2$-branes dual to Wilson loops in the fundamental representation as special cases. The second class includes the candidates of the holographic description of vortex loops in the dual field theories.
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    • "These particular solutions exhibit holographic renormalization group (RG) flows for which both conformal and Lorentz symmetries are broken in general but are restored in the UV limit. Other RG flows in M-theory which flow from E 2,1 × M 8 at small distance to AdS 4 × M 7 at large distance have been studied in [42] [43], which correspond to D = 3 super Yang Mills theories of various supersymmetry. "
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    ABSTRACT: We construct deformed, T^2 wrapped, rotating M2-branes on a resolved cone over Q^{1,1,1} and Q^{1,1,1}/Z_2, as well as on a product of two Eguchi-Hanson instantons. All worldvolume directions of these supersymmetric and regular solutions are fibred over the transverse space. These constitute gravity duals of D=3, N=2 gauge theories. In particular, the deformed M2-brane on a resolved cone over Q^{1,1,1} and the S^1 wrapped M2-brane on a resolved cone over Q^{1,1,1}/Z_2 provide explicit realizations of holographic renormalization group flows in M-theory for which both conformal and Lorentz symmetries are broken in the IR region and restored in the UV limit. These solutions can be dualized to supersymmetric type IIB pp-waves, which are rendered non-singular either by additional flux or a twisted time-like direction. Comment: Latex, 23 pages, references added
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    • "They give examples for less supersymmetric AdS/CFT correspondence. This construction in [6] has been extended in various ways [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35]. "
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    ABSTRACT: We study wrapped brane configurations via possible maximally supersymmetric gauged supergravities. First, we construct various supersymmetric wrapped D3 brane configurations from D=5 N=8 SO(6) gauged supergravity. This procedure provides certain new examples of wrapped D3 branes around supersymmetric cycles inside non-compact special holonomy manifolds. We analyze their behaviors numerically in order to discuss a correspondence to Higgs and Coulomb branches of sigma models on wrapped D3 branes. We also realize supersymmetric wrapped M2 branes from D=4 N=8 SO(8) gauged supergravity. Then, we study supersymmetric wrapped type IIB NS5 branes by D=7 N=4 SO(4) gauged supergravity. We show a method to derive them by using supersymmetric wrapped M5 branes in D=7 N=4 SO(5) gauged supergravity. This method is based on a domain wall like reduction. Solutions include NS5 branes wrapped around holomorphic $CP^2$ inside non-compact Calabi-Yau threefold. Their behavior shows a similar feature to that for NS5 branes wrapped around holomorphic $CP^1$ inside non-compact $K3$ surface. This construction also provides a check of preserved supersymmetry for a solution interpreted within a string world-sheet theory introduced by Hori and Kapustin. Finally, we find new non-supersymmetric solutions including AdS space-times in D=6 N=2 $SU(2)\times U(1)$ massive gauged supergravity. These solutions can be interpreted as non-supersymmetric wrapped D4-D8 configurations which are dual to non-supersymmetric conformal field theories realized on wrapped D4 branes.
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