Evaluation of the retrograde contamination guard in a bacteriologically challenged rabbit model

ArticleinBritish Journal of Urology 63(4):384-8 · May 1989with8 Reads
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    We compared a newly developed closed urinary drainage system incorporating a retrograde contamination guard (RCG) with the conventional closed drainage system. The new system contains a solid bactericide (povidone iodine) pellet enclosed in a porous cartridge at the drain port of the urine collection bag. A catheterised rabbit model was used. The urine drainage bags were challenged daily for 8 days with an auxotrophically marked uropathogenic strain of Escherichia coli at the outlet tube. The bag urine was infected with the marked organism in 10 of the 11 rabbits in the control group (conventional collection bags) in 3.8 +/- 1.03 days and in only 1 of the 13 rabbits fitted with the RCG. The RCG effectively prevents contamination of the urine drainage bag and thus may play an important role in reducing the incidence of nosocomial urinary tract infections.