Epidemiological and clinical studies on respiratory affections of sheep

minufiya veterinary journal 01/2008; 5(2):341-352.


Respiratory affections of sheep considered as 0ne of the most serious problems affecting sheep production and causing sever economic losses. In ths study we study the pattern of repiratory affections occurrence in sheep flocks of different breed . we concluded that repiratory mainfestation occure in two manner the first one is sever with fever, cough , mucopurulent nasal discharge and depression with high chest abnormal sound. The other from was less sever with prolonged cough and thick muciod discharge and poor weight gain. The relation between the incidence of respiratory affections occurrence and pattern of sheep rearing , season, age ,sex and breed had been studied. The end result showed that significant correlation between the incidence of the respiratory affections occurrence and first three factors but non signficant correlation with the last two factors.
The pathological changes in lung tissue had been studied in relation to etiology to determine the severity of affection of the aetiological agent.

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