Dense Quark Matter in a Magnetic Field

Source: arXiv


We explore the effects of an applied strong external magnetic field in the structure and magnitude of the color superconducting diquark condensate of a three massless flavor theory. The long-range component of the B field that penetrates the superconductor enhances the condensates formed by quarks charged with respect to this electromagnetic field.

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    ABSTRACT: We investigate the impact of magnetic fields on the electron distribution in the electrosphere of quark stars. For moderately strong magnetic fields $B\sim 10^{13}$G, quantization effects are generally weak due to the large number density of electrons at surface, but can nevertheless affect the spectral features of quark stars. We outline the main observational characteristics of quark stars as determined by their surface emission, and briefly discuss their formation in explosive events termed Quark-Novae, which may be connected to the $r$-process.
    Preview · Article · May 2006 · Pramana