Conference Paper

Preservation of historical concrete structures

Conference: International Conference on Structure and Architecture 2010,


Early reinforced concrete (RC), a material of 20 th century architecture, is not recognized as "old enough". However, it is a material of innovation. Its preservation is important. Multistory housing buildings with RC structure were investigated in the European CA'REDIVIVUS project, setting criteria for earthquake retrofit. Other research groups are interested in setting criteria for selection of RC structures to be preserved, as in the 2 nd fib Congress in 2006 in Naples. In this paper approaches for conservation of 20 th century architecture are learned from Germany, Italy and Greece for the case study of Romania. In Germany conservation of 20 th century architecture is being performed since the 1980s, with improving approaches. Italy and Greece are posing seismic threat, while Germany served as calculation model for both Greece and Romania. Architects as Rudolf Fränkel built in both Germany and Romania, other in both Greece and France from where the architecture models came.

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