Measuring performance of field-medical programmes: Medical science liaison metrics consensus

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology 06/2007; 13(3):177-182. DOI: 10.1057/


A Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Metrics Consensus initiative aims to identify field-medical activities throughout the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, and metrics associated with those activities. Since MSL programme deployment strategies may vary from company to company, pharmaceutical executives often use retrospective benchmarking studies to assist their field-medical teams in establishing programme metrics. This Medical Science Liaison Metrics Consensus initiative is the first of its kind to identify activities that are unique to field-based MSL team capabilities. Upon identification of unique contribution of MSL teams across the product lifecycle, metrics were identified and associated with MSL activities across the product lifecycle, with an emphasis on outcomes and compliance. Organisations may use the results of this Medical Science Liaison Metrics Consensus to proactively assess and design their MSL programmes' current valuation standards.

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