[Videodensitometric analysis of venous digital angiography of the left ventricle: application to the measurement of the ventricular ejection fraction and volumes].

ArticleinPathologie Biologie 36(4):325-30 · May 1988with2 Reads
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    Intravenous digital angiography of the left ventricle (LV) was submitted to videodensitometric analysis in order to measure the ejection fraction (EF) and ventricular volumes. The video-densitometric method was first validated using an experimental model consisting of latex balloons filled with contrast medium. The correlation for ejection fraction measurements was satisfactory (r = 0.9449), with less than 10% errors. For ventricular volumes, the correlation was also good (r = 0.97 and 0.92 with the Chapman and Dodge methods respectively), but marked variations across individuals were found. Digital videodensitometry thus appears to be a feasible and reliable method for ejection fraction and ventricular volume measurements. Further studies are needed to determine the accuracy of measurements of ventricular volumes.