Search for Narrow-Width ttbar Resonances in ppbar Collisions at center of mass energy = 1.8 TeV

Source: arXiv


We present a preliminary result on a search for narrow-width resonances that
decay into ttbar pairs using 130 pb^{-1} of lepton plus jets data in ppbar
collisions at center of mass energy = 1.8 TeV. No significant deviation from
Standard Model prediction is observed. 95% C.L. upper limits on the production
cross section of the narrow-width resonance times its branching fraction to
ttbar are presented for different resonance masses, M_X. We also exclude the
existence of a leptophobic topcolor particle, X, with M_X < 560 GeV/c^2 for a
width \Gamma_X = 0.012 M_X.

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