Perinatal management and outcome of fetal ventriculomegaly

Obstetrics and Gynecology (Impact Factor: 5.18). 02/1987; 69(1):5-11.
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In 20 consecutive cases of fetal ventriculomegaly, diagnosed by antenatal ultrasound examination, hydrocephalus was isolated in six patients (30%) and was associated with other anomalies in 14 (70%). There were no false positive diagnoses of fetal ventriculomegaly in this series. Fetal structural and/or chromosome abnormalities were diagnosed antenatally in 11 of the 14 patients (78.5%) with postnatally documented anomalies. In ten patients (50%), isolated fetal ventriculomegaly or ventriculomegaly associated with spina bifida was diagnosed antenatally, and the perinatal management consisted of frequent ultrasound examinations, weekly fetal biophysical profiles, and delivery by cesarean section after documenting fetal lung maturity. Ventriculo-amniotic shunt placement was not part of the management. The outcomes were induced abortion, four patients (20%); intrapartum death, two patients (10%); postnatal death, five patients (25%); and currently alive, nine patients (45%).

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    • "The etiologies of ventriculomegaly are heterogeneous and include developmental, destructive, and obstructive processes. Additional abnormalities have been reported in 70% to 84% of fetuses with ventriculomegaly [67] [68] [69] [70] [71] and include CNS, extra- CNS, and chromosomal anomalies. Neural tube defects, agenesis of the corpus callosum, Dandy- Walker malformation, lissencephaly, holoprosencephaly, gray matter heterotopia, polymicrogyria, Fig. 8 "
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    ABSTRACT: MR imaging of the fetal brain is rapidly being embraced in clinical practice. Fetal MR imaging is proving to be a powerful modality with which to evaluate the fetal brain and is a valuable complement to prenatal ultrasound. Structural abnormalities, such as cerebral malformations and destructive lesions, can be sonographically occult on prenatal ultrasound yet detectable by fetal MR imaging. Moreover, fetal MR imaging offers the promise of contributing to our understanding of normal as well as abnormal brain development with continued advances in MR imaging techniques, such as diffusion-weighted and parallel imaging.
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    ABSTRACT: Real time ultrasonography (US) is at present the main imaging technique in obstetrics. Indications for US examination are, however, controversial. US examination is performed as a routine method in all pregnancies in most countries, and only in well-defined clinical conditions in other countries.
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    ABSTRACT: A case of early diagnosis at 13 weeks' gestational age of Meckel-Gruber syndrome by ultrasound is reported in a patient with a 25 per cent recurrence risk. The usefulness of genetic counselling and aimed echographic examination is discussed.
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