Efficiency of a Multitest System (Enterotube) for Rapid Identification of Enterobacteriaceae

Applied microbiology 09/1969; 18(2):207-13.
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Enterotube, a multiple-test system which combines nine biochemical tests useful in the identification of members of the family Enterobacteriaceae, was tested and compared with the PathoTec test system in the identification of gram-negative bacilli isolated from clinical specimens. It was found that both the Enterotube and the PathoTec systems rapidly and accurately defined the position of the organisms in the major groups of the family Enterobacteriaceae. Discrepancies were noted between the results of citrate tests on Simmons' citrate-agar and in the Enterotube, as well as between Simmons' citrate-agar and the PathoTec citrate test. It was concluded that the Enterotube system provides a simple, reliable, and rapid method for the presumptive identification of Enterobacteriaceae. The major advantage of the Enterotube is that all tests are done simultaneously by inoculation from a single isolated colony.

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