Near-infrared and Mid-infrared Spectroscopy with the Infrared Camera (IRC) for AKARI

Publications- Astronomical Society of Japan (Impact Factor: 2.07). 10/2007; 59(sp2). DOI: 10.1093/pasj/59.sp2.S411
Source: arXiv


The Infrared Camera (IRC) is one of the two instruments on board the AKARI
satellite. In addition to deep imaging from 1.8-26.5um for the pointed
observation mode of the AKARI, it has a spectroscopic capability in its
spectral range. By replacing the imaging filters by transmission-type
dispersers on the filter wheels, it provides low-resolution (lambda/d_lambda ~
20-120) spectroscopy with slits or in a wide imaging field-of-view
(approximately 10'X10'). The IRC spectroscopic mode is unique in space infrared
missions in that it has the capability to perform sensitive wide-field
spectroscopic surveys in the near- and mid-infrared wavelength ranges. This
paper describes specifications of the IRC spectrograph and its in-orbit

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