A Survey on the Classical Limit of Quantum Dynamical Entropies

Acta Physica Polonica Series a (Impact Factor: 0.53). 09/2007; 112(4).
Source: arXiv


We analyze the behavior of quantum dynamical entropies production from sequences of quantum approximants approaching their (chaotic) classical limit. The model of the quantized hyperbolic automorphisms of the 2-torus is examined in detail and a semi-classical analysis is performed on it using coherent states, fulfilling an appropriate dynamical localization property. Correspondence between quantum dynamical entropies and the Kolmogorov-Sinai invariant is found only over time scales that are logarithmic in the quantization parameter.

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Available from: Valerio Cappellini, Feb 19, 2013
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    ABSTRACT: We analyze a model quantum dynamical system subjected to periodic interaction with an environment, which can describe quantum measurements. Under the condition of strong classical chaos and strong decoherence due to large coupling with the measurement device, the spectra of the evolution operator exhibit an universal behavior. A generic spectrum consists of a single eigenvalue equal to unity, which corresponds to the invariant state of the system, while all other eigenvalues are contained in a disk in the complex plane. Its radius depends on the number of the Kraus measurement operators and determines the speed with which an arbitrary initial state converges to the unique invariant state. These spectral properties are characteristic of an ensemble of random quantum maps, which in turn can be described by an ensemble of real random Ginibre matrices. This will be proven in the limit of large dimension.
    Full-text · Article · Jun 2010 · Physical Review E