Light Speed Invariance is a Remarkable Illusion

Physics Essays (Impact Factor: 0.25). 09/2007; 23(1). DOI: 10.4006/1.3280803
Source: arXiv


Though many experiments appear to have confirmed the light speed invariance postulate of special relativity theory, this postulate is actually unverified. This paper resolves this issue by first showing the manner in which an illusion of light speed invariance occurs in two-way light speed measurement in the framework of a semi-classical absolute space theory. It then demonstrates a measurable variation of the one-way speed of light, which directly invalidates the invariance postulate and confirms the existence of the preferred reference frame of the absolute space theory.

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    ABSTRACT: The one-way speed of light relative to a moving observer is determined using the range measurement equation of the Global Positioning System. This equation has been rigorously tested and verified in the Earth-Centred Inertial frame where light signals propagate in straight lines at constant speed c. The result is a simple demonstration of light speed anisotropy that is consistent with light speed anisotropy detected in other experiments and inconsistent with the principle of light speed constancy. This light speed anisotropy was not observed before because there has been no direct one-way measurement of light speed relative to a moving observer. Keywords: special theory of relativity, principle of light speed constancy, GPS, range measurement equation, one-way speed of light, moving observer, ECI frame.
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    ABSTRACT: Wave theory of light was tested by the Michelson's interferometer, whereas Newtonian corpuscular theory can be tested with the new interferometer, which can show whether the speed of light in empty space is variable during Doppler effect. Such measurement is possible due to the effect of Fizeau.
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    ABSTRACT: A complete set of Equivalent Space-Time Theories based on a group of " equivalent" transformations has been studied by Selleri. This " equivalent" set of space-time theories includes Special Relativity Theory involving the Lorentz transformations and a semi-classical Absolute Space Theory based on the generalized Galilean or inertial transformations. In order to separate these theories, the light speed predictions of the complete set are compared with the relative light speed for light emanating from Io a satellite of Jupiter determined by direct calculation in the space-time framework of these theories.
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