Fine Structure of Avalanches in the Abelian Sandpile Model

Source: arXiv


We study the two-dimensional Abelian Sandpile Model on a square lattice of
linear size L. We introduce the notion of avalanche's fine structure and
compare the behavior of avalanches and waves of toppling. We show that
according to the degree of complexity in the fine structure of avalanches,
which is a direct consequence of the intricate superposition of the boundaries
of successive waves, avalanches fall into two different categories. We propose
scaling ans\"{a}tz for these avalanche types and verify them numerically. We
find that while the first type of avalanches has a simple scaling behavior, the
second (complex) type is characterized by an avalanche-size dependent scaling
exponent. This provides a framework within which one can understand the failure
of a consistent scaling behavior in this model.

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Available from: Afshin Montakhab, Jan 30, 2013
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