[Doppler ultrasonic method of blood velocity measurement in Raynaud's phenomenon].

Minerva medica (Impact Factor: 0.91). 03/1981; 72(4-5):213-24.
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Ten patients, 3 males and 7 females, aging less then 50 years (M: 37), suffering from at least one year for a Raynaud's phenomenon surely not due to a costo-clavicular syndrome, were studied. A Doppler ultrasound evaluation was first done recording the pressure and the speed at the omeral, radial, ulnar, and digital arteries. The patients were then submitted to an angiography in general anaesthesia through puncture of the omeral artery and to screening tests to detect possible associated immunopathological diseases. In the patients affected by Raynaud's phenomenon the vascular lesions are generally distal to the omeral artery; the only surgical indication is a thoracic gangliectomy. Our experience shows that the Doppler velocimetry gives all the data necessary to check the efficacy of a pharmacological treatment and to state a correct surgical indication.

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