[Clinical analysis of 20 cases of idiopathic interstitial pulmonary fibrosis].

People Hospital of Xingjiang Autonommous Region, Wulumqi.
Zhonghua jie he he hu xi za zhi = Zhonghua jiehe he huxi zazhi = Chinese journal of tuberculosis and respiratory diseases 03/1995; 18(1):37-8, 63-4.
Source: PubMed


This paper describes 20 cases of idiopathic diffuse interstitial pulmonary fibrosis. The clinical manifestations are dry cough, chronic progressive dyspnea, clubbed fingers and velcros rales. CT (HRCT) scanning were performed in 8 patients and the results were compared with the common X-ray chest films, the images of HRCT were more clearer than common chest films, the fine grain shadows, which can not be shown on the common X-ray chest films, were shown on HRCT. The final diagnosis is based on the transbronchial lung biopsy or open lung biopsy.

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