Identification of a Novel Regulatory Region Critical for Expression of the RANTES Chemokine in Activated T Lymphocytes

ArticleinThe Journal of Immunology 157(3):1139-48 · September 1996with4 Reads
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    The RANTES chemokine is a T cell-expressed, proinflammatory cytokine recently implicated as a suppressive agent of HIV replication. We have identified tandem kappaB-like sequences within the promoter for RANTES that are critical for RANTES promoter-reporter gene activity in both the T cell tumor line Hut78 and in PHA-activated PBL. This region binds not only Rel family members (including p50-p65 heterodimers and p50-p50 homodimers) but also non-Rel factors up-regulated in PBL 3 to 5 days following activation. The expression of these "late" expressed nuclear factors correlates with an up-regulation of RANTES message found at this point in T cell activation. These factors are also constitutively expressed in functionally mature CD8+ T cells. We hypothesize that these apparently novel proteins are responsible in part for the temporal regulation of RANTES seen in peripheral blood T cells and represent a component of transcriptional regulatory machinery newly expressed at this "late" stage of peripheral T cell development.