[Availability of livers from cadaver donors in Hungary].

ArticleinOrvosi Hetilap 137(42 Suppl 1):2371-3 · November 1996with1 Read
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    The availability of cadaver livers for transplantation have been studied based on data recorded prospectively by authors. Between January 1, 1995 and August 31, 1995, 98 cadaver kidney donors were accepted in Hungary. Using well established selection criteria 52 of them could have been suitable for liver donation. Steatosis or cirrhosis of the donor livers have been considered most frequent causes of unsuitability for transplantation. Based on these data 70-75 cadaver livers could be transplanted yearly in Hungary that's enough to start a transplant program. The treatment of acute hepatic failure with transplantation seems to be uncertain because of unequal time and blood group distribution of donors. There are just few available cadaver livers for children therefore transplantation of reduced sized liver is needed.