Experimental infection by Vibrio anguillarum in mice and guinea pigs

Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Laboratorio di Medicina Veterinaria, Rome, Italy.
Zentralblatt für Veterinärmedizin. Reihe B. Journal of veterinary medicine. Series B 06/1999; 46(4):271-7.
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The fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum causes a lethal infection in farmed fish characterized by hemorrhagic septicemia. There are no reports of experimental laboratory infections in warm-blooded animals. We investigated the effects of an intraperitoneal infection with different doses of a V. anguillarum suspension in mice and guinea pigs. The infection caused a 95-100% of mortality in 24-48 h. Hemorrhagic septicemia was observed at necropsy and confirmed by histological and hematological examination. Immunohistochemically positive bacterial clumps were detected exclusively in vessel lumen in all examined organs, including brain, and V. anguillarum was reisolated in pure culture from all organs, particularly from the kidney. Blood analysis showed erythropenia and leukopenia with granulocytosis in mice, platelet reduction and leukopenia with lymphocytosis in guinea pigs.

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