[The course of oropharyngeal stage of deglutition after partial supracricoid laryngectomies. Computerized analysis of radiographic imaging. Preliminary report].

ArticleinOtolaryngologia polska. The Polish otolaryngology 54(1):23-8 · February 2000with3 Reads
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    On a pilot basis the performed analysis covered the pharyngeal phase of the deglutition act in five patients, in whom supracricoid laryngectomies were carried out due to carcinoma of the larynx. The rentgenocinematographic (Rtgc) examinations were made half a year after the operations, while in 1 patient the studies were carried out twice, the second being performed two years after the operative procedure thus altogether 6 examinations Rtgc were performed. Computerized topocinetic analysis of images Rtgc was made intended for further considerations and measurements, and concurrently assessing the position of the left-behind anatomical structures, the pathway passed by the studied structures, the velocity, the projection of the encircled kinetic path, as well as the distance of individual structures in respect to each other during a complete cycle of the pharyngeal phase. The provided description highlights the significance of good mobility of the left structures in the food bolus passage trough the lower pharynx and other, than that after supraglottal laryngectomy, mechanism protecting the lower respiratory tracts against food leakage into them.