Granulosa cell tumor of the adult type. A case report and review of the literature of a very rare testicular tumor

ArticleinArchives of pathology & laboratory medicine 124(10):1525-8 · November 2000with28 Reads
Impact Factor: 2.84 · DOI: 10.1043/0003-9985(2000)124<1525:GCTOTA>2.0.CO;2 · Source: PubMed


    We report a case of testicular granulosa cell tumor of the adult type in a 48-year-old man. Microscopically, the tumor consisted of round to ovoid cells with grooved nuclei that were arranged in several patterns, including microfollicular, macrofollicular, insular, trabecular, gyriform, solid, and pseudosarcomatous. These cells demonstrated strong immunopositivity with MIC2 (O13) antibody, vimentin, and smooth muscle actin and focal positivity with cytokeratin. Although this type of sex cord-stromal tumor is relatively common in the ovaries, it is still extremely unusual in the testis, and it probably represents the rarest type of testicular sex cord-stromal tumor.