Staple vs. subcuticular vicryl skin closure in knee replacement surgery: A spectrophotographic assessment of wound characteristics

ArticleinThe Knee 7(4):239-243 · January 2001with51 Reads
Impact Factor: 1.94 · DOI: 10.1016/S0968-0160(00)00055-7 · Source: PubMed


    Staple closure is a popular method of skin closure for patients undergoing knee replacement surgery. There are no guidelines regarding spacing of staples and some concern exists with regard to wound oxygenation in knees subject to early movement. We compared cutaneous wound characteristics in terms of blood oxygenation and blood content, using two types of skin closure. Staples or 4/0 subcuticular vicryl were used. We found favourable blood perfusion characteristics when using stapled closure. Our results also suggest that optimum wound oxygenation requires staple spacing of 6 mm or more.