alpha-Terpineol from hydration of crude sulfate turpentine oil.

ArticleinJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 49(9):4337-41 · October 2001with26 Reads
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    Hydration of alpha-pinene under various conditions was studied and compared with the literature. Optimal reaction conditions have been established for the hydration of alpha-pinene and crude turpentine oil in the absence of catalyst and using a low volume of acetone. A detailed reaction product analysis is reported. The main hydration product, alpha-terpineol, was obtained at a yield of 67 wt % of the initial alpha-pinene by reacting with 15% aqueous sulfuric acid and an excess of acetone in an oil bath heated to 80-85 degrees C over the course of 4 h. A progressive transformation of alpha-terpineol to 4-(2-hydroxypropyl)-1-methylcyclohexanol (1,8-terpine) takes place as the hydration time exceeds 4 h. A crude turpentine oil sample was also hydrated under conditions similar to those of alpha-pinene. The alpha-terpineol yield was 77 wt % of the initial alpha-pinene in the crude turpentine oil. The chemical analysis of the crude turpentine oil before and after hydration was carried out, and the distribution of the products was discussed.