Hydrothermal Synthesis and Structure of Fe(NH 3 ) 2 PO 4 : A Novel Monophosphate

ArticleinInorganic Chemistry 38(26):5944-5947 · January 2000with7 Reads
Impact Factor: 4.76 · DOI: 10.1021/ic990879n · Source: PubMed


    Fe(NH(3))(2)PO(4) is synthesized under mild hydrothermal conditions in the presence of urea. The crystal structure is solved for powder X-ray diffraction data. The unit cell is orthorhombic, a = 10.1058(2) Å, b = 6.3676(2) Å, c= 7.5714(2) Å, space group Pnma, Z = 4. The structure consists of a three-dimensional network of FeO(4)N(2) octahedra and PO(4) tetrahedra linked by vertex sharing. Two crystallographically independent ammonia molecules are linked to the iron atom. This compound is the first three-dimensional solid structurally characterized containing Fe-NH(3) bonds.