Secondary closure of neodymium : YAG laser posterior capsulotomy

ArticleinJournal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery 27(10):1695-7 · November 2001with4 Reads
Impact Factor: 2.72 · DOI: 10.1016/S0886-3350(01)00782-9 · Source: PubMed


    A 67-year-old man reported reduced vision after cataract surgery and neodymium:YAG (Nd:YAG) laser posterior capsulotomy. The diagnosis was complicated due to severe glistenings within the optic of an acrylic foldable intraocular lens (IOL), proliferation of lens epithelial remnants over the capsulotomy opening, and presumed vitreous opacity. Although IOL exchange surgery was considered, a second Nd:YAG laser intervention successfully removed the proliferated lens materials and restored the visual acuity. The glistenings were not the cause of the reduced vision.