Comparative antibacterial activity of carbapenems against P. aeruginosa

ArticleinThe Japanese journal of antibiotics 54(11):571-9 · November 2001with66 Reads
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    Comparative antibacterial activity of imipenem (IPM), panipenem (PAPM), meropenem (MEPM) and biapenem (BIPM) was determined against 288 clinical isolates of P. aeruginosa collected from various hospitals in 2000. The order of activity by comparison of MIC50/MIC80/MIC90 was: MEPM (1/4/8 micrograms/ml) > BIPM (1/4/16 micrograms/ml) > IPM (2/4/16 micrograms/ml) > PAPM (8/16/32 micrograms/ml). Moreover, the order of activity against 75 strains of P. aeruginosa (MIC of CAZ, AZT was > or = 16 micrograms/ml and MIC of IPM, MEPM was < or = 8 micrograms/ml) by comparison of MIC50/MIC80/MIC90 was: BIPM (1/2/8 micrograms/ml) > or = MEPM (1/4/8 micrograms/ml) > or = IPM (2/2/8 micrograms/ml) > PAPM (8/16/16 micrograms/ml). Judging from both correlation between the MICs of carbapenems and relationship between class C beta-lactamase activity and drug susceptibility of carbapenems, it becomes apparent that carbapenems, especially BIPM and MEPM will be useful for treatment of antipseudomonal cephem resistant pseudomonas infection.