[Removing lung metastases. With surgical success 36% of patients survive 5 years].

ArticleinMMW Fortschritte der Medizin 144(6):31-3 · March 2002
Source: PubMed


    Resection of lung metastases can improve the long-term survival of many oncological patients. This can be achieved only by complete resection, which necessitates careful prior staging. With few exceptions (renal cell carcinoma, carcinoma of the colon metastasizing to the lungs and liver, chest wall and lung metastases) no extrapulmonary metastases should be present. Solitary round lesions should always be resected, since the prognosis for single lesions is favorable, and the primary may be a bronchial carcinoma, which is often curable. Although overall morbidity and mortality rates are low, the indication for surgical treatment of lung metastases should nevertheless be considered with care.