[The expression of erbB/HER family in lung cancer].


    To study the expression of human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER) family in lung cancer.
    Paraffin-embedded tissues from 70 cases of lung cancer (43 cases of squamous cell cancer and 27 cases of adenocarcinoma) and 20 cases of non-cancerous lung diseases were stained for the expression of HERs by means of immunohistochemistry.
    All HERs were weakly expressed in non-cancerous lung tissues; over-expression of HER(1), HER(2), HER(4), HER(1 + 2), HER(1 + 4) and HER(2 + 4) and HER(1 + 2 + 4) was found in lung cancer and correlated with lymph node metastasis, TNM staging and post-operation survival.
    erbB(1), erbB(2) and erbB(4) are the genes regulating the growth of lung cancer at advanced stages. Targeting the HER(1), HER(2) and HER(4) over-expression might be a new approach to the treatment of lung cancer at advanced stages.