A simple, safe bimanual technique for subincisional cortex aspiration

ArticleinOphthalmic surgery and lasers 33(4):337-9 · July 2002with14 Reads
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    We developed a bimanual manipulation technique to facilitate the removal of the subincisional lens cortex in small-incision phacoemulsification cataract surgery. A separate aspiration handpiece, not connected to an aspiration tube, is passed into the anterior chamber through a side-port corneal incision. Under irrigation with a standard infusion/aspiration (I/A) handpiece through a tunnel incision, the cortex is stripped off with the separate handpiece and removed with the I/A handpiece. In 227 eyes, subincisional cortex removal and subsequent capsule polishing was performed safely with the separate handpiece. Rupture of the posterior lens capsule occurred in 3 high-risk eyes.