A novel titanium-mu-O-zirconium complex: bis(mu-methyliminodiethanolato-1kappa(3)O,N,O';1:2kappa(2)O)(methyliminodiethanolato-2kappa(3)O,N,O')dipropanolato-1kappaO,2kappaO-titanium(IV)zirconium(IV).

Industrial Research Limited, PO Box 31-310, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.
Acta Crystallographica Section C Crystal Structure Communications (Impact Factor: 0.33). 11/2002; 58(Pt 10):m509-10.
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The title compound, [TiZr(C(5)H(11)NO(2))(3)(C(3)H(7)O)(2)], contains three methyliminodiethanolate ligands, two in different mu-oxo bridging coordination modes and one bound only to the Ti atom. The Ti and Zr atoms have distorted octahedral and pentagonal-bipyramidal coordinations, respectively, which share edges. As well as some conformational disorder in the carbon chains, there is chemical disorder at one Ti site, with a mix of n- and isopropanolate ligands.

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