Synchronous multiple glomus tumors of the esophagus and lung

ArticleinHepato-gastroenterology 50(51):687-90 · May 2003with12 Reads
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    A case of synchronous esophageal and multiple pulmonary tumors presenting complex diagnostic problems is described. In the course of routine pulmonary screening a pulmonary coin lesion of the right lung and three very small foci on the left side, under the pleura falling just within the range of diagnostic parameters was identified in a symptom-free patient. In addition to the multiple lung lesions a single sub-mucosal esophageal tumor was detected. Following minimally invasive surgical excision of the tumors the precise nature of the neoplasms was determined by means of comparative histological, light-and electro-microscopic as well as immunohistochemical studies. The earlier diagnosis of carcinoid was reviewed, rejected and glomus tumor was confirmed. Multiple glomus tumors of the above localizations have not been previously described in the literature.