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Goal: I am retired and writing articles s as above and History of Basmati

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Strikingly similar fruits of Cordia dichotoma, C. myxa and C. sinensis are known as Lasora in vernacular languages in India and Pakistan. The trio has been used since ages in India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Arab and Africa as folk medicine and in Ayurvedic, Arabian, Chinese, Unani (Greek), Persian and Siddha systems of medicine. Most of plant parts, like roots, twigs, roots, stem and root bark, leaves, seeds and even the gum are useful. Folks in various countries and parts of India use fruits, tender leaves and inflorescence as vegetable. Fruits are eaten as raw and used pickled. In many parts of India, Africa and East Asia these species serve as source of survival and food during famines. Cordia has long been used as an anti-diabetic, anthelminth, anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial, astringent, cicatrizant, diuretic, hepato-protective, immune-modulator and febrifuge and as an appetite and cough suppressant in folkloric and traditional medicine. Cordia for long employed to treat urinary infections, lung diseases and leprosy in traditional medicine. The timber and wood is turned into various types of handles, utensils and agricultural tools. Trio seems to be a future green resource source of dye, fodder, fiber, as a corrosion inhibitor, cosmetic and anti-aging agent, pharmaceutical binder for tablets, sustained drug delivery and an anti-capping agent. The present paper reviews the history, distribution, use as food, forage and feed, as medicine in folk, animal and human health; pharmaceutical and therapeutic uses, cultural, ecological and nutritional value, and miscellaneous uses and disadvantages of Lasora.
Subhash Chander Ahuja
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Submitted an article"Nutraceautical wild Fruits of India- Lasora  (Cordia) -History, origin and folklore" for consideration of publication
Subhash Chander Ahuja
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I am retired and writing articles s as above and History of Basmati