Using Eco-Tourism Potential of Turkey For Rural Development

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Ahmet Tuğrul Polat
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Throughout history, it is known that people have used nature for various purposes in order to find health. Nowadays, many scientists are studying the effects of natural and regulated environment on human health and healing. It has been proven through research that some special landscape arrangements encourage people to be more comfortable and better. The gardens designed and applied to make people feel better in the psychologically and physiologically are called therapy gardens. These gardens offer healing, instructive and self-improving activities based on elements such as plants, land and nature to the individual who do not feel well physically and psychologically and to the urban people. In this study; the design criteria of therapy gardens for disabled children, elderly people and patients have been determined.
Mithat Direk
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Rural development has been the one of the imprtant issues for Turkey since Turkish Republic found. This issue stil keeps its importance for Turkish Republic which effort to harmonise its Agricultural Policy to the Europian Union Common Agricultural Policy. The 45 % of Turkish population stil live in rural are. Also, agriculture which is the main activity of rural population have many structurel problems. For example; small size family farming is common farming type in Turkey, the farming area size are small, farming land are constituted from different plots, the farming activities are not profi table and also not effi cient, intence pressure of population on the natural resources, etc. Beside, rural population have some social problems. For example; lack of health and education services, low education level, decline of youth population, immigration to the cities, woman and children probles, etc. Turkish culture come in to being from different cultures hence, many civilization lived in border of Turkey. Moreover, Turkey has great natural beauties. Both of them “cultural and natural heritage” create big potential for eco-turism. Eco-turism can be an additional income resource for rural population, decrease the pressure of population on the natural resources, add value to the region, create other economic activities which hire the local population, frustrate the migration. In this study, Kilistra was choosen as an research area. Kilistra which is located in Konya province is the historical and cultural place. Participatory Rural Appraisal will be implement for to provide local population participation and SWOT analysis will be used to expose eco-tourism potentialof research area.