Soil Microbiome: Futuristic application for sustainable agriculture

Goal: To explore the new dimension of soil microbiome and its relation to agriculture


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Nimmy Srivastava
added an update
Dear Academicians and Researchers,  
We hope this e-mail finds you well! 
 As per your expertise, it is our pleasure to invite you to contribute a book chapter/s for consideration in an Edited Book entitled: “Soil Microbiome: Futuristic Application for Sustainable Agriculture”, which will be published by the reputed International Publisher “Routledge, Taylor & Francis”. The editors of this book will be :
 (a) Dr. M. Russel, Associate Professor, Dalian University of Technology, China
(b) Dr. N. Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Amity University Jharkhand, India
(c) Dr. Jayeeta Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor, Amity University Jharkhand, India
(d) Dr. Vijay Jayasena, Professor, Western Sydney University, Australia
The book targets researchers (in academia, research institutes, and industrial R&Ds), undergraduates, postgraduates, and policymakers actively engaged in various aspects of research on agriculture and microbiology domain.
Tentatively, the book includes the following major theme and chapters enlisted below. However, the list is not exhaustive and contributions from other areas are welcome! 
Soil Microbiome- An Introduction
Role of Soil Microbiome    
Tools and Techniques for utilization of Soil Microbiome
We request you to kindly acknowledge the acceptance of our invitation and give your consent to contribute to book chapter/s as soon as possible. Further, we request you to send us an abstract of your book chapter (300-400 words) along with the Chapter title, List of Authors, affiliations, tentative chapter outline, and e-mail IDs on or before 30th July 2021 for initial screening.  
Send us the details by email: or 
Manuscript preparation guidelines will be shared once you confirm your contribution. 
## There is no Article Processing Charge. 
List of tentative chapters: 
CHAPTER 1. Introduction to soil Microbiome and its diversity.
CHAPTER 2. Microbial Interaction in Soil
CHAPTER 3. Microbial niches in plant
CHAPTER 4. Methodologies for exploring Soil Microbial Diversity.
CHAPTER 5. Factors that alter structure of soil microbiome.
CHAPTRER 6. Bioinformatics techniques for analysis of soil microbiome
CHAPTER 7. Advance techniques for Microbial community profiling
CHAPTER 8. Soil Microorganism and nutrient recycling
CHAPTER 9. Impact of bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes ratio to maintain soil health quality.
CHAPTER 10. Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) interaction in rhizosphere of legume plant.
CHAPTER 11. Rhizobium interaction in rhizosphere of legume plant.
CHAPTER 12. Soil microbial community effect on plant defence system.
CHAPTER 13. Mitigating abiotic stress on plants by rhizospheric microorganisms.
CHAPTER 14. Role of soil microbiome in organic waste degradation.
CHAPTER 15. Bio inoculants to increase crop productivity.
CHAPTER 16. Microbial Biofertilizers role in sustainable agriculture.
CHAPTER 17. Endophytes and PGPR in bioremediation.
CHAPTER 18. Soil microbiome for improving soil health under changing climate.
CHAPTER 19. Microbiome engineering to increase crop productivity.
CHAPTER 20. Exploring the Artificial intelligences(AI) application for monitoring soil health quality.
CHAPTER 21. Microwave sensor measurement system for monitoring the soil microbial diversity.
We will be looking forward for your contribution!
Thanking you,
Nimmy Srivastava
added a project goal
To explore the new dimension of soil microbiome and its relation to agriculture