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AYUSH systems of medicine have many unique specialties which include treatment options for chronic and challenging diseases. In that way, Siddha system of medicine has definite answers to treat the diseases and clinical conditions which include HIV, cancer, TB, etc., By principle, the Siddha line of treatment starts with herbal formulations followed by medicines with herbo-mineral and animal origins. Siddha materia medica is such a defined science that it has almost all the components required to meet the challenging diseases. In this work, we have classified herbs having aromatic principles which are effective against Cancer as per the Siddha classic texts. Herbal and herbo-mineral formulations that have the ingredients from the above said aromatic plants have been tabulated. This is the right time to do more research on the paradigms of the aromatic principles in the effective treatment and the management of Cancer.
Indian traditional systems of medicine (AYUSH) are well known for holistic management of various chronic ailments including cancer. In Siddha system of medicine, centuries ago Cancer is well documented as Puttru, Vedi soolai, Vippuruthi, Nachu maravai katti and so on. Since gene level modification occur in the cancer cells, it is difficult to find the permanent solution till now. Creation of new cells increases and degeneration is suppressed, i.e., Vaadha is increased and Kabha is suppressed in the initial stage of cancer. A huge mass is formed in later stages as a result of domination of kabha and ends up in degeneration. Hence in Siddha pathology cancer is symbolized as Vaadhakabha. Throughout the course of the disease Pitha is suppressed. Siddha system has good diagnostic tools for the early detection of cancer. One among them is Neikuri, which is the tool for diagnosis of disease by analyzing the spread pattern of oil drop over the urine. In this work, we have given a compiled data regarding pathology and the diagnosis of cancer, based on the Siddha basic principles. Further extensive works are to be done in designing a prototype for research in the diagnostic and treatment aspects for Cancer.