Self harm and suicide attempts among young people under 17

Goal: To understand regional cultural factors on self harm and suicide attempts among young people under 17. The percentages and gender ratios changed dramatically over the past three years, we investigate this using comparisons between three major cities and rural districts.

Methods: Data Sets, Qualitative Interview, Survey Method

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Gerry Hannah
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Local Authorities gain financially and politically by encouraging their Social Workers to increase the number of young people in Care and lower-income, single parent families claiming benefits. They receive Government subsidies according to the number of single parent families claiming Benefits and the number of children allegedly in need of Social Care. Young people exceeding the age qualifying for state benefits and Government subsidies become a burden. They have no Social Currency and without hope of fulfilling their biological determinism to procreate and care for children, self harm and suicide no kills more children aged 5 to 19 than any other cause.
Social Services and integrated local infrastructures, ostensibly a child protection system, have “No Statutory provision exists to separate children from their family” (NY PCC, 2018) The solution currently piloted by the 'Parenting Together' charity includes litigation for repercussions to individual victims and challenging accountability for the consequences of Social Services intervention
Gerry Hannah
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There were 109 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in Scotland per 10,000 population in 2016-17. The Orkney Islands (47) and Shetland Islands (50) recorded the lowest UK rates per 10,000 population (Crime and Justice, Gov.Scot, 2017) These communities rank among the lowest income in the UK, yet achieve Absolute Gender Equality and reach higher academic and living standards. Bradford (25% claim to experience DA in 2017), by contrast categorises information inappropriately as a Family Court issue "domestic abuse is an issue in at least 70% of cases in the family courts", (Women’s Aid, Safe not Sorry, 2016 ) .
Family Courts need no evidence allowing them to "Shut down" most cases and keep Politically sensitive cases from reaching news media. Scotland Records all Domestic Abuse as Crime that must be evidenced and therefor Not appropriate for a Family Court. Mothers, maternal family and friends perpetrate 88% to 98% of Domestic Abuse, depending on who you believe. One Local Authority spoke openly about the consequences of Domestic Abuse on their Young People:
2016/2017 to date we have had 122 (male 32 and Female 90) patients ... under the age of 18 with the following diagnosis ICD-10 codes.
F32.9 = Depression
F41.9 = Anxiety
Z91.5 = Past history of self-harm
X60-X84 = Current Intentional self-harm
The three times more girls than boys virtually matches our ratios in Bradford and North Yorkshire (See earlier updates)
In conclusion, Some Police and Local Authorities process Domestic Abuse and exploitation within the Family Court/child protection procedures which led to these crimes spiralling out of control, more false reporting, more abuse, more suicides more mental health cases and so on. Local Authorities such as Rotherham, Rochdale, Bradford deliberately create Honeypot families (fathers replaced with paedophiles and violent sex offenders) to contain the problem.
Local Authorities sell thousands of of these babies and small children abroad, child trafficking for sex industry and breeding stock
Gerry Hannah
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Our FOI requests showed a distressing high number of Young Muslim girls in Bradford self-mutilate and attempt suicide, a conservatively estimated three times the equivalent of boys. Witness testimonies and media clarified how their Local Authority advocates the suppression of young girl's sexuality, promoting health benefits from FGM in Mosques. State funded schools preach emotional benefits of domestic servitude and submission to men emulating Mohammed. In Islam, all men are Priests.
A detailed clear response, now with the IICSA, clarifies beyond any possible doubt that North Yorkshire Police follow an illegal protocol to evict loving devoted English fathers from their home and family without any evidence whatsoever, a total disregard for the child’s wishes, their safety or emotional needs. Domestic violence is a valid response when, for no reason, someone takes a parent's home, property, wages and children and gives them to total strangers (Partog, 19/02/15).
Please email me for extracts of evidence we cannot publish at this point
Gerry Hannah
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Political Correctness remains the most formidable barrier to our aims. It prevents open and honest discussions or challenging ‘cultural prerogatives’ to commit crimes against women and children. Among our target group of young people unable to socialise outside of school, some parents brutally punished their daughters sometimes threatening them with FGM for befriending non-Muslim boys. Gangs of young men following a Muslim agenda, groomed adolescent non-Muslim Girls to reward Islamic converts and Jihads with virginal sex. Suicide, infant mortality, violence, incest, congenital defects and consanguineous marriages including uncles to nieces make Bradford the most lethal unhealthy city for girls and possibly the most dangerous city to raise a family.
During this research we spent over budget providing secure transport for young people, too afraid to travel alone on public transport or private hire vehicles. I proposed a meeting with local authorities in open and honest discussions to address this problem; they all refused. I offered both West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Police documents, audio and video recordings of disclosures by parents and children including less than ten videos of child abuse taking place. According to Police Professional Standards, (CO 46 17) and Robert Bates, Legal officer,
Police can refuse to take evidence or look at evidence that shows women and Muslims as perpetrators of violent sexual abuse. North Yorkshire Police (ref: 250/14082017) told the parent of seriously abused children that their life altering injuries were a Family Law matter, not a crime. We are truly ‘through the looking glass’ while Police select evidence, shield and defend the actions of perpetrators according to their Culture or Political preferences and Social Services remove children from UKIP voters.
Children in Bradford and York live in genuine fear and hatred of Social Services and Police officers.
They believe they are born as victims, vulnerable to exploitation and horrific abuse.
If they complain, the abusers will punish them (E.G. Daniel Pelka and Baby Peter, both murdered by their Mother and her boyfriend after teachers reported disclosures). Witnesses and victims threatened or blackmailed
Young children live in valid fear of losing their parents. Adoption agencies pay Social Services £27,000+ for each child from the moment of birth to age five and slightly less up to age ten (£190million p.a.) China and Britain are the only two countries on the planet forcing adoption on newborn babies and little children.
Older children are encouraged to align their personal identity as victims or perpetrators according to religion, gender and skin colour. The self-harm and defacing of their body follows popular media that encourages them to feel ashamed or inadequate.
Religious and Political cultures totally in opposition British values, encourage perversion and exploitation of children. No one protects them and this explains why, in our research, a staggering one in five young people under eighteen contemplated or attempted suicide.
Gerry Hannah
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Shared matriarchal values and Clan culture
The generic study of emotional crisis survivors cannot truly know the mind-set of those who did not survive. In this study, I compared and contrasted Cultures of the most volatile suicidal young people with the most stable contented and highest achieving in the UK. The Independent, 28 September 2016, published an ONS Report confirming our hypothesis that residents of regions including Orkney rank among the happiest in the UK. Gaelic heritage and Celtic culture both Matriarchal, value children and respect parents equally. Politically Liberal, Religiously divided Presbyterian/Catholic, modern Orcadian families such as my own maternal family set higher standards of conduct and commitment, possibly more than most because of shared moral values and a Clan culture.
Unconditional male privilege and entitlement
Over the past few weeks, I interviewed nineteen crisis survivors, asking questions about their experience of existing intervention and remedial systems available. Sixteen concluded talking therapy sessions only relieved anxiety for a few days or weeks at best; the remainder said they felt worse. This echoes findings in our previous research projects of Young offenders, DV and Sexual Abuse of girls. From this, young men in West Yorkshire took advantage of unconditional privileges and cultural entitlement to use and abuse women. Three ex-Muslim women confirmed young girls in their family underwent FGM and Forced Marriage to their immediate family after befriending White Christian boys or revealing their homosexuality. Others from 7 years old, lost their virginity to sexual abuse then allegedly suffered “reconstructive surgery”, many took their own life. Our recent FOI requests confirmed that twice as many Bradford girls committed suicide as boys. Bradford’s Infant Mortality and young suicide currently exceeds twice the national average.
The current system in England and Wales favours brutal sex offenders, protecting perpetrators from prosecution. Bradford L.A. recently disposed of 97 foster homes. It actively provides vulnerable young victims and according to our associates, now sells White, forced adoption babies to adoption agencies who send them abroad. We gave new evidence of institutional corruption and collusion to the IPCC, IICSA and their Investigation team, ‘Operation Hydrant’. We acquired documents proving, Officials in Bradford deleted, corrupted and destroyed “All Traces and records” (Lady Justice Black, April 2015) of our previous Cases.
The BBC and other media perpetuate cultural resentment and prejudice
The BBC and others perpetuate a systematic discredit of Christian Ethics and demolition of traditional British values. They present unconditional privilege and entitlement of Black men to exploit women as mainstream entertainment. The Media selectively prejudicing and politically favouring leaves children feeling marginalised unattractive and socially rejected, particularly White boys and Black girls both portrayed as less valuable, less attractive; both grouped among the highest numbers of abused, attempted suicides, acquired mental health issues and self-harming.
Effective and remedial intervention
Over the course of this research, three administrators left the post, visibly distressed by the testimonies. We no longer need to provide any further transcripts since submitting documents as evidence to the IICSA. We recently began advocating Children’s Rights and Parental responsibilities with initial success among a handful of cases. The next stage, planned for September, focuses on remedial intervention around family relationships and responsibilities. If you ever watched trout swimming upstream ...
Gerry Hannah
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The variations between cultures depend on a complicated mixture of topography, industry, religious and Political history, however, above all the confusion, some consistencies become self-evident. A recent Nation Election showed the Liberal Party in over-all control of the safest regions, the Conservatives controlling relatively low-crime, rural districts and Labour in charge of places such as Rotherham, Rochdale and Bradford claiming the UK’s worst suicide rates, abuses and crimes against women and children. These towns cannot function at any level. Their dual legal systems of Sharia and UK law cannot co-exist peacefully. The communal Judaeo-Christian moral values run contrary to Islamic doctrine. Children instinctively seek acceptance and respect but the two sets of beliefs, Rights and responsibilities confuse and misdirect children, forcing them to choose between too many Political agendas and Religions. Conversations revealed a high propensity towards underachievement anxiety and self-loathing. In 2011, fewer than 10% of the public said they would report child abuse; it takes an average of 10 years before victims disclose childhood abuse (ONS, 2015). 80% of immigrant women claim they were raped. 75% of those we interviewed said they were abused before attempting to take their own life. Clearly, those in most need do not communicate with those in a position to help them.
Several survivors of emotional crisis volunteered to help us assess public confidence in the potential of cognitive, talking therapies in comparison to pragmatic solutions.
Gerry Hannah
added an update
Very much as anticipated, Local Authorities delete corrupt or deny politically sensitive data.
To the best of my knowledge, Bradford may be unique in several issues
1) Over twice as many girls commit suicides as boys (Whatdotheyknow link above)
2) While Bradford records a relatively high number of Domestic Abuse cases, the number of young victims is phenomenally more than expected.
In control groups, the ratio of Domestic Abuse cases correlates approximately to the number of suicides. In two of our towns this is impossible to assess because local protocol among charities, Solicitors and Social workers etc. encourage young women to prevent parental access with their child's father (to claim Maximum Housing benefits, CSA etc.) Supervised contact is the only option for estranged fathers and whether to prevent a lengthy Court case or simply to spend a short time in supervised contact, loving fathers must first admit violence or abuse (SolicitorsDV.jpg). Parental Alienation and PTSD are endemic for over two thirds of young people in our study.
North Yorkshire reported suicides as less than 5% above (ONS, 2015) national average. While Bradford held their data back, we contacted our network of charities and organisations. Services for the MOJ suggested a staggering one in three young men under 19 committed suicide but here again we found other sinister considerations; cellmates of a suicide receive ten days home leave. White inmates suffer horrendous violence unless they convert to Islam. Violent offenders are promised first sex with adolescent girls, groomed specifically to reward extremists or Muslim converts.
The child protection and statutory reporting systems in North Yorkshire and Bradford are appallingly incompetent and corrupt. We reported paedophiles names, several addresses a private hire and B&B uncovered in our research to the Police. We added this data and recordings of Eastern European migrants to our IICSA cases (170510IICSA.pdf), We reported unprofessional conduct to the IPCC. Obviously I cannot comment on anything currently under investigation. I have therefore asked South Wales University research facilities to join us.
We need help. If you can offer support to young women at risk from Honour Based Violence and abuse please get in touch. We cannot walk away and abandon them after knowing their circumstances.
Gerry Hannah
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Fundamentally a Health and emotional well being study, the only Evidence to date relates to existing behaviour and emotional problems.
A petty argument between two original partners in this project means we urgently require researchers to deliver physical and nutritional health presentations and to measure the take-up of remedial intervention while our charity addresses the family relationship problems of our service users.
Our Charity contributes research to the IICSA, PHSO, Joint Commission on Human Rights to several renowned MPs supporting Children's Rights and investigative Journalists
Gerry Hannah
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To understand regional cultural factors on self harm and suicide attempts among young people under 17. The percentages and gender ratios changed dramatically over the past three years, we investigate this using comparisons between three major cities and rural districts.