Neuropsychology and Chakra Systems

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N.J. Cooper
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In this paper, we explore a very different account of cognitive neuropsychology model for brain and behavior, based on Saint Amit Ray's theory of 114-chakra system. Ray's 114-chakra brain-body-behavior framework is now applicable to neuroscience, and it provides neuropsychologists an alternative conceptual framework for describing human behavior and the neural processing inside the brain. It can represent more adequately for validating and modeling the growing number of empirical neuroimaging studies of brain and behavior models. Now, the availability of large-scale samples of neuroimaging and phenotypical data provide an opportunity to verify the validity of the model in real life situations. The Amit Ray's 114-chakra models of brain and behavior could, in principle help to lead the way to a new theory of neuropsychology that could renovate the serious psychological issues. Ray's model proceeded in two ways. The first is the model construction, which is done in the top-down approach and then the validity of the model is done by bottom-up approach. Regarding the locations of the 114 chakras Sri Amit Ray expressed, "The 114 chakras are the divine connection points to the cosmos. A few of the 114 chakras are located in the junction points and most of the key chakras are located in the hormonal and neurotransmitter pathways, cellular signaling points and in the five primary axes - HPA axis, HPG axis, HPT axis, RAAS axis, and the brain-gut axis." It demonstrates how dynamic interactions between biological neurons, immune molecules in the brain, brain defects, and sensory inputs can predict the human behavior. This emerging literature suggests the usefulness of this novel concept. He developed a dense framework of 114 hierarchal chakra system for human brain-body-behavior and consciousness incorporating neuropsychology, neuroscience and molecular biology. It provides a stronger and more comprehensive model that is concerned with how the brain chakras and the rest of the body chakra system can influence a person's cognition, emotions and behaviors.