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N.J. Cooper
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In this paper, we reviewed the ten popular mind-body energy healing therapies. They are Ray 72000 nadis healing, Reiki healing, Ray 114 chakras healing, Pranic healing, Music therapy, EFT healing, Theata Healing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Touch Therapy. As these mind-body energy therapies are not invasive, they are considered to be safe. Energy healing therapy is based on the understandings that the body and mind has an invisible energy field, and that when this energy flow is blocked or unbalanced, one can become sick. Unblocking this energy can help promote healing and wellbeing. There are many kinds of energy therapies, some which use treatments such as light, sound, and magnets and some use several mind-body techniques. Mind-body energy healing techniques are based on mantras, meditations, breathing exercises, physical exercises and relaxations, on the belief that human thoughts, feelings and emotions can affect both physical and mental wellbeing. This systematic review and analysis was conducted with the aim of assessing the efficacy of the popular mind-body to develop a reproducible common framework mind-body energy healing therapies. In this review paper, we also highlights the technical challenges in energy healing modalities and describe how to incorporate the emerging trends in energy medicine with the modern medical system. Despite some trials demonstrating the benefits of energy healing therapies for immediate and long-term relief in patients, on the whole, there is lack of high-quality scientific evidence substantiating its routine use. There is a need for more robust randomized control trials (RCTs) utilizing standardized protocols to provide further evidence on this subject. We conclude with a discussion and presentation of promising future directions of energy healing modalities.
N.J. Cooper
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The paper reviewed the origin of the chakra system on a more scientific basis. We have studied the history of the seven chakra system and Amit Ray's 114 chakra system. A couple of decades ago, it was believed that the seven chakras are worth only for spiritual development. However, recent scientific studies have proven the opposite, uncovering several regulatory chakras in the human body are deeply related to human psychology. Scientists observed several regulatory micro-networks in the human body, deeply connected with immunity, health, mental peace, emotions and happiness. Biological models of behavior have become increasingly prominent in psychological theory, particularly with the development of various neuro-imaging tools. The field of neuropsychology, which studies the brain and the connected nervous system, is growingly feeling the role chakras in human psychology. In this paper, we tried to trace the history of the chakra system on a more scientific basis.