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The use medical cannabis has been increasing in recent years. This paper provides the perspectives of four patients with very different clinical backgrounds and their reported experiences using medical cannabis. Not all patients respond the same way to cannabis and effective use requires a degree of experimentation as these patients’ perspectives illustrate. In these perspectives, it is important to note the reported effective management of specific symptoms, but also of importance is the reported improvement in general well-being and vast improvement in reported quality of life.
Understanding the cultural and medical history of cannabis use is an important component to the successful integration of cannabis in modern clinical practices. This review chronicles over six thousand years of documented cannabis use in cultural practices, medical applications, breeding practices to enhance the pharmacological properties, and the various methods by which people have consumed the plant.
Cannabis has been used for centuries for its fiber, food and as medicine. This review highlights the history of cannabis, its uses as a medical tool and the active ingredients found in this versatile plant. Many pain management pharmaceuticals widely accepted and used today, such as opioids and aspirin, contain plant derived extracts. The evolving cannabis story is paralleled to the history of current plant extracts used as pharmaceuticals. Usage, side effects and mortality rates of current pain medications are compared to cannabis and reveal great potential for cannabis as a safe and effective alternative in pain management.