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Teaching is a series of events through which a teacher attempts to bring desired behavioural changes in students. Through teaching, the manner of thinking, feeling and acting of students is changed. According to Hough and Duncan (1970), “Teaching is an activity – a unique professional, rational and human activity in which one creatively and imaginatively uses himself and his knowledge to promote the learning and welfare of others”. According to the Dictionary (Oxford, 1970) the word “Profession” means “a religious order, vocation, calling especially one that involves some branch of learning or science”. A profession is that a calling or a vocation, but implies acquisition of a quantum of knowledge and skills that are utilized for the service of the mankind.  When properly enforced, it enhances the power, prestige and status of the teacher.  It ensures development of a high degree of recognition, regard and social status of the profession.  Code of conduct or professional ethics can guide the teacher’s conduct and behaviour in their institutions and outside. The National Policy on Education (1986, p.25) laid down this Code of Professional Ethics and enforce it on themselves voluntarily to practice their profession according to the highest ethical standards.
Life skills are collective skills, relevant to varied experiences throughout the life. It elevates healthy behaviour and mental well-being. Life skills are linked with managing and living a better quality of life.