Insecta, Amphibia & Reptilia of eastern Gabon

Goal: Results of the international scientific expedition to Ivindo National park, June 2016

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Enrico Ruzzier
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Calycemorda kamerunensis Ermisch, 1969 is redescribed and illustrated based on the only two known specimens since the collection of the holotype; the species is recorded from Gabon for the first time.
Olivier S. G. Pauwels
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We present new Gabonese locality records, ecological or morphological data for Pelusios castaneus (Pelomedusidae), Kinixys erosa (Testudinidae), Osteolaemus tetraspis (Crocodylidae), Agama agama (Agamidae), Monopeltis galeata (Amphisbaenidae), Feylinia currori, Trachylepis polytropis (Scincidae), Varanus ornatus (Varanidae), Philothamnus hughesi, Rhamnophis batesii, Toxicodryas adamantea and T. blandingii (Colubridae), Dendroaspis jamesoni jamesoni (Elapidae), Bothrophthalmus brunneus, Limaformosa guirali and L. savorgnani (Lamprophiidae), Atheris squamigera and Bitis nasicornis (Viperidae). One snake species each is newly recorded from Pongara National Park and Nyanga Province, and two each from Batéké Plateau National Park and Haut-Ogooué Province. We refer all records of Toxicodryas pulverulenta from Gabon to T. adamantea. We discuss the use of camera traps for monitoring reptiles in Gabon based on the results of extensive camera trap surveys. We provide geographic coordinates for selected localities mentioned in MHG III–VI.
Piero Carlino
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We present new Gabonese locality records, ecological and morphological data and unpublished material for Pelusios gabonensis (Pelomedusidae), Kinixys erosa (Testudinidae), Hemidactylus mabouia (Gekkonidae), Lepidothyris striatus, Trachylepis affinis (Scincidae), Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia, Dipsadoboa underwoodi and D. viridis (Colubridae), Dendroaspis jamesoni, Naja annulata annulata, N. melanoleuca and N. nigricollis (Elapidae), Atractaspis boulengeri, Limaformosa savorgnani, Polemon fulvicollis, Psammophis mossambicus (Lamprophiidae) and Natriciteres fuliginoides (Natricidae). One skink and two snake species are newly recorded from Haut-Ogooué and Ngounié provinces, respectively. We attribute all records of Psammophis spp. in Gabon to P. mossambicus. We report a case of predation by a Common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) on Kinixys erosa in Lopé National Park, by Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia on the Cameroon toad Sclerophrys camerunensis (Anura: Bufonidae), and by a Naja annulata annulata on Thollon's robber tetra Brycinus tholloni (Characiformes: Alestidae).
Dmitry Telnov
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Lacconotopedilus pollocki sp. nov., the first representative of its genus from the Guineo-Congolian lowland rainforests, is described and illustrated. Species checklist is provided.
Dmitry Telnov
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Anthelephila propensa (Bonadona, 1984), which was described from holotype only (Makokou), was collected in numbers by the 2016 expedition. Specimens were attracted to MV light as well as beaten from lower vegetation.
Anthelephila medleri (Bonadona, 1984), originally described from SE Nigeria, was collected in Gabon for the first time in 2016.
Anthelephila tuberculithorax (pic, 1899), a widespread species in equatorial Africa, was sampled in Gabon for the first time by the 2016 expedition.
Pseudotomoderus compressicollis strangulatus (Pic, 1952) collected in Ivindo NP - first record from Gabon.
Olivier S. G. Pauwels
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An update is provided of current knowledge of the herpetofauna and batrachofauna recorded from caves in Gabon, western Equatorial Africa. No systematic field survey of reptiles and amphibians in Gabonese cave environments has yet been made, and data are available for only 19 (complexes of) caves. This compilation of published records and new observations includes seven reptile and at least nine amphibian species. None of them is restricted to cave environments, and most of the species are adaptable ecologically, being known from pristine as well as from highly degraded environments. All of them can be regarded as trogloxenes. Dedicated surveys, using appropriate methods, will certainly increase this species list considerably.
Piero Carlino
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Atractaspidines are poorly studied, fossorial snakes that are found throughout Africa and western Asia, including the Middle East. We employed concatenated gene-tree analyses and divergence dating approaches to investigate evolutionary relationships and biogeographic patterns of atractaspidines with a multi-locus data set consisting of three mitochondrial (16S, cyt b, and ND4) and two nuclear genes (c-mos and RAG1). We sampled 91 individuals from both atractaspidine genera (Atractaspis and Homoroselaps). Additionally, we used ancestral-state reconstructions to investigate fang and diet evolution within Atractaspidinae and its sister lineage (Aparallactinae). Our results indicated that current classification of atractaspidines underestimates diversity within the group. Diversification occurred predominantly between the Miocene and Pliocene. Ancestral-state reconstructions suggest that snake dentition in these taxa might be highly plastic within relatively short periods of time to facilitate adaptations to dynamic foraging and life-history strategies.
Olivier S. G. Pauwels
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Presented is a compilation of new locality records with natural history data for 49 reptile species in Haut-Ogooué Province, southeastern Gabon, Equatorial Africa. One new snake species record is added to Gabon (Colubridae: Philothamnus hughesi), 14 new reptile species records to Haut-Ogooué Province, three new reptile records for Léconi Park, and 28 new reptile records for Lékédi Park. A predation case is reported of Naja melanoleuca preying on Dasypeltis fasciata and of Boaedon perisilvestris on a micromammal. Nous présentons une compilation de nouvelles mentions de localités accompagnées de notes d'histoire naturelle pour 49 espèces de reptiles de la Province du Haut-Ogooué, sud-est du Gabon, Afrique équatoriale. Nous ajoutons une espèce de serpent (Colubridae: Philothamnus hughesi) à la faune du Gabon, 14 espèces de reptiles à la Province du Haut-Ogooué, 3 espèces de reptiles au Parc de Léconi, et 28 espèces de reptiles au Parc de la Lékédi. Nous rapportons un cas de prédation par Naja melanoleuca sur Dasypeltis fasciata, et par Boaedon perisilvestris sur un micromammifère.
Dmitry Telnov
added an update
Eulycus (Lobentis) telnovi described by Kazantsev (2018) and new subgenus Lobentis established in Lycidae from specimen collected by 2016 expedition:
Kazantsev S.V. 2018. New and little known taxa of the endemic Afrotropical subfamily Mimolibnetinae (Coleoptera: Lycidae). - Russian Entomological Journal 27, No 2: 143-151.
Dmitry Telnov
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The new species of the genus Duchailluia Rehn, 1933, D. ivindo sp. nov., is described from Gabon. The genus Distylopyga Bey-Bienko, 1965 is restored from synonymy with Duchailluia. Distylopyga beccalonii sp. nov. from Thailand is described. Neostylopyga yemenica (Bey-Bienko, 1969) comb. nov. is transferred from Duchailluia. A detailed morphological descriptions of the new species are given, N. yemenica is redescribed inclusive male genitalia. The male genitalia of N. yemenica is described for the first time. The subfamily Duchailluiinae Roth, 2003 synonymized with Blattinae Latreille, 1810.
Piero Carlino
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We present new Gabonese locality records, ecological and morphological data or unpublished material for Kinixys erosa (Testudinidae), Osteolaemus tetraspis (Crocodylidae), Agama agama and A. lebretoni (Agamidae), Rhampholeon spectrum, Trioceros cristatus and T. owenii (Chamaeleonidae), Hemidactylus mabouia (Gekkonidae), Holaspis guentheri (Lacertidae), Trachylepis albilabris (Scincidae), Dipsadoboa viridis, Grayia caesar and G. ornata, and Rhamnophis aethiopissa aethiopissa (Colubridae), Boaedon olivaceus, Chamaelycus fasciatus (Lamprophiidae) and Bitis arietans (Viperidae). Two reptile species are newly recorded for Estuaire Province. One snake is added to the list for Ivindo National Park. We reject a first record of Trachylepis makolowodei from Gabon. We document a case of predation by Rhamnophis aethiopissa aethiopissa on Leptopelis aubryi (Anura: Arthroleptidae).
Dmitry Telnov
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Two new country records of Dermestidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) was recently published for Gabon, based on material collected in 2016:
Attagenus (Aethriostoma) madecassus (Pic, 1916)
Thaumaglossa ghana Háva, 2002
Olivier S. G. Pauwels
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We studied a collection of snakes (Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia, Hapsidophrys lineatus, Philothamnus heterodermus, Rhamnophis batesii [Colubridae], Dendroaspis jamesoni jamesoni, Naja melanoleuca [Elapidae], Aparallactus modestus, Polemon gracilis, Psammophis cf. phillipsii [Lamprophiidae], Letheobia caeca [Typhlopidae], Bitis arietans, B. gabonica and B. nasicornis, and Causus maculatus [Viperidae]) presumably made in Oyem, Woleu-Ntem Province, northeastern Gabon, and housed in the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium. The analysis of the letters sent by the collector to the museum reveals that some of these snakes were actually collected near Franceville in Haut-Ogooué Province. We examined a Hydrophis platurus (Elapidae) presumably originating from Gabon and housed in the collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium; an analysis of the collections' entry register indicates that it was in fact probably caught in West Papua. One snake species is newly recorded from Haut-Ogooué and Woleu-Ntem provinces each. The confirmation of the occurrence of Polemon gracilis in Gabon brings the number of reptile species documented for the country to 129. We report a case of predation by Bitis arietans on a bird.
Dmitry Telnov
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A new species of Duchailluia (Dictyoptera: Blattidae), an illusive group of African cockroaches, was collected by the expedition and now being described.
A new synonymy of subfamily rank will be proposed in the same publication.
Dmitry Telnov
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A new species of Mimolibnetis (Coleoptera: Lycidae), a small and poorly known genus, was collected by the expedition and now being described
Dmitry Telnov
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We have a new species of Pseudotomoderus (Coleoptera: Anthicidae) sampled in Ivindo NPO in 2016.
Olivier S. G. Pauwels
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We present new Gabonese locality records, ecological and morphological data or unpublished museum material for Mecistops cataphractus (Crocodylidae), Chamaeleo cristatus and C. owenii (Chamaeleonidae), Hemidactylus fasciatus and H. muriceus (Gekkonidae), Feylinia currori, Trachylepis albilabris (Scincidae), Calabaria reinhardtii (Boidae), Grayia ornata, Hapsidophrys smaragdinus, Rhamnophis aethiopissa aethiopissa (Colubridae), Lycophidion laterale (Lamprophiidae), Hydraethiops melanogaster, Natriciteres fuliginoides (Natricidae), Bitis gabonica and B. nasicornis (Viperidae). We document a predation case of Lycophidion laterale on Feylinia currori. Four reptile species are newly recorded from Arboretum Raponda Walker and two snake species are newly listed for Estuaire Province. We refute a recent record of Natriciteres variegata (Natricidae) from Gabon.
Dmitry Telnov
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All specimens are det. P. Bordat, 2017
Certain species are poorly known of described just couple of months or year ago (e.g. Blackburneus improvisus, Dudleyellus ndoki, Pseudopharaphodius tai).
Pharaphodius argutus Schmidt, 1911
Euhemicyclium demeyeri (Bordat, 2003)
Koshantschikovius astacus Boucomont, 1932
Pharaphodius incommodus (Bordat, 1989)
Exoxyomus curvus (Schmidt, 1909)
Odontolochus gestroi Clouët des Pesruches, 1900
Odontolochus oberthueri (Clouët, 1900)
Odontolochus spinicollis (Harold, 1871)
Odontolochus costatus Endrödi, 1964
Dudleyellus ndoki Bordat, 2014
Ataenius sp.
Calocolobopterus principalis Harold, 1861
Pleuraphodius hamoriae Endrödi, 1973
Alocoderus gilleti Schmidt, 1909
Pleuraphodius multicarinatus Endrödi, 1964
Pleuraphodius humator Endrödi, 1964
Pharaphodius paratschakai (Clement, 1985)
Trichiorhyssemus decorsei Bénard, 1914
Saprosites cavus Schmidt, 1908
Pleuraphodius aequatorialis (Petrovitz, 1966)
Pseudopharaphodius tai Bordat 2011
Pseudopharaphodius cf. anthrax Gerstaecker, 1871
Aganocrossus plicatus (Endrödi, 1964)
Lorditomaeus bifidus occidentalis (Bordat, 1996)
Trichonotulus baloghi Endrödi, 1967
Blackburneus improvisus Bordat, 2017
Saprosites haafi Petrovitz, 1956
Dmitry Telnov
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Material of the following insect groups is currently delivered or ready to be delivered to specialists for examination:
Orthoptera: Tetrigidae
Heteroptera: Reduviidae
Coleoptera: Anthicidae
Coleoptera: Brentidae
Coleoptera: Buprestidae
Coleoptera: Cleridae
Coleoptera: Elateridae
Coleoptera: Histeridae
Coleoptera: Lycidae
Coleoptera: Mordellidae
Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae
Coleoptera: Scirtidae
Piero Carlino
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We present new Gabonese locality records for Gerrhosaurus nigrolineatus (Gerrhosauridae), Trachylepis maculilabris (Scincidae), Varanus ornatus (Varanidae), Calabaria reinhardtii (Boidae), Dipsadoboa viridis, Toxicodryas blandingii (Colubridae), Naja melanoleuca and N. nigricollis (Elapidae), Python sebae (Pythonidae), Atheris squamigera (orange morph), Bitis arietans, B. gabonica and B. nasicornis (Viperidae). We add two, one, two and one species to Moyen-Ogooué, Ngounié, Nyanga and Woleu-Ntem provinces’ reptile lists, respectively. We newly record two, one and one snake species for Mwagna National Park, Waka National Park and Bas Ogooué Ramsar Site, respectively. We report predation cases by a Naja melanoleuca on a Toxicodryas blandingii and by a Seba’s python on a domestic dog (Mammalia: Canidae: Canis lupus familiaris), respectively.
Dmitry Telnov
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Coleoptera Lymexylidae identification results
Two species identified, of them one is new for the fauna of Gabon.
Atractocerus ater Kraatz, 1895
Atractocercus brevicornis (Linnaeus, 1766)
Dmitry Telnov
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Chilopoda species occasionally collected buy the expedition are of highly interesting speices:
Otostigmus (Parotostigmus) gymnopus Silvestri, 1898
Digitipes periyarensis Joshi, Edgecombe, 2013
Both are new for Gabon.
Dmitry Telnov
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The Cerambycidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) collected by the expedition
50 longicorn beetle species are yet identified from the material sampled 2016 in Ivindo National park and the surroundings. Among them are several new records for the fauna of Gabon as well as the 2nd known record for Puchneriana camerunensis Adlbauer (originally described from Cameroon).
Acutandra hugoi Bouyer, Drumont, Santos-Silva, 2012
Amphidesmus theorini Aurivillius, 1886
Antennexocentrus collarti Breuning, 1957
Apomecyna longipennis (Thomson, 1858)
Auxesis gabonica Thomson, 1858
Auxesis gahani Jordan, 1894
Bangalaia nebulosa (Quedenfeldt, 1887)
Ceroplesis adusta (Harold, 1879)
Chariesthes richteri Quedenfeldt, 1887
Chariesthes ruber (Hintz, 1912)
Cheilacanthus severini (Lameere, 1903)
Coptoeme schedli Tippermann, 1956
Corus collaris (Chevrolat, 1856)
Diadelioides lateraliplagiatus Breuning, 1940
Eunidia anteflava Breuning, 1953
Eunidia kivuana Breuning, 1952
Exocentrus undulatofasciatus Lepesme, Breuning, 1953
Exocentrus sp.
Glenea gahani Jordan, 1894
Glenea jordani Lepesme, Breuning, 1952
Glenea lunulata Jordan, 1894
Lagrida aenea (Hintz, 1919)
Millotsaphanidus costatus (Hintz, 1911)
Monochamus irrorator (Chevrolat, 1855)
Monochamus laevis Jordan, 1903
Neoclosterus argodi (Belon, 1913)
Neoclosterus curvipes Heller, 1899
Neoplocaederus glabricollis (Hope, 1843)
Nonyma strandiella Breuning, 1940
Nupserha vitticollis (Kolbe, 1893)
Oxylamia fulvaster (Jordan, 1894)
Paroeax nasicornis (Pascoe, 1871)
Paroeme annualipes (Chevrolat, 1855)
Paroeme laevicollis Aurivillius, 1927
Paroeme maynei (Lepesme, Breuning, 1955)
Pelossus ruber (Thomson, 1858)
Pelossus sudrei (Adlbauer, 2004)
Phloeus brevis Jordan, 1903
Phrosyne brevicornis (Fabricius, 1775)
Proctocera quadriguttata Aurivillius, 1914
Proctocera vittata Aurivillius, 1913
Pterolophia biarcuatoides Breuning,
Pterolophia collartiana Breuning, 1962
Pterolophia dentifera (Olivier, 1795)
Pterolophia fuscodorsalis Breuning, 1938
Pterolophia ovatula Breuning, 1939
Puchneriana camerunensis Adlbauer, 2015
Ropica congoana Breuning, 1939
Sternangustum brunneum (Jordan, 1894)
Taurotagus impressus Duffy, 1955
Piero Carlino
added a research item
We present new Gabonese locality records, ecological data or unpublished museum material for Crocodylus niloticus (Crocodylidae), Trionyx triunguis (Trionychidae), Agama lebretoni (Agamidae), Hemidactylus fasciatus and H. mabouia (Gekkonidae), Gastropholis echinata (Lacertidae), Trachylepis albilabris (Scincidae), Afrotyphlops angolensis (Typhlopidae), Dipsadoboa viridis, Hapsidophrys smaragdinus, Toxicodryas pulverulenta (Colubridae), Naja melanoleuca (Elapidae), Lamprophis olivaceus, Psammophis cf. phillipsii (Lamprophiidae), Natriciteres fuliginoides (Natricidae), Causus lichtensteinii and C. maculatus (Viperidae). We document predation cases by Hapsidophrys smaragdinus on Hemidactylus mabouia and Trachylepis albilabris, by Naja melanoleuca on Sclerophrys regularis (Anura: Bufonidae) and by Psammophis cf. phillipsii on Phrynobatrachus auritus (Anura: Phrynobatrachidae), and consumption of Arius latiscutatus (Siluriformes: Ariidae) and Tragelaphus spekii (Cetartiodactyla: Bovidae) by Crocodylus niloticus. We add one, two and one snake species, respectively, to Estuaire, Moyen-Ogooué and Nyanga provinces’ reptile lists. We add four reptile species to the list for Wonga-Wongué Presidential Reserve. We refer all records of Agama agama in Gabon to A. picticauda.
Dmitry Telnov
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Anthicidae species reported from Gabon are listed in an alphabetic order.
Piero Carlino
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We report the first observation of Lygodactylus conraui (Gekkonidae) in Gabon. We present new Gabonese locality records for Kinixys erosa (Testudinidae), Agama agama and A. lebretoni (Agamidae), Trachylepis albilabris (Scincidae), Chamaeleo cristatus and C. owenii (Chamaeleonidae), Dasypeltis fasciata, Hapsidophrys smaragdinus, Rhamnophis a. aethiopissa (Colubridae), Aparallactus modestus, Gonionotophis poensis, Lamprophis olivaceus, Polemon fulvicollis (Lamprophiidae) and Afrotyphlops congestus (Typhlopidae). Four snake and two lizard species are newly recorded from Ogooué-Lolo and Estuaire provinces, respectively. We refer all published records of Agama paragama, A. cf. paragama and A. sylvana from Gabon to A. lebretoni.
We report the first observations of the orange morph and new locality records for Atheris squamigera (Viperidae) in Gabon, and new Gabonese locality records, ecological data or unpublished museum material for Pelusios castaneus and P. chapini (Pelomedusidae), Kinixys erosa (Testudinidae), Trionyx triunguis (Trionychidae), Crocodylus niloticus, Mecistops cataphractus and Osteolaemus tetraspis (Crocodylidae), Agama agama and A. lebretoni (Agamidae), Chamaeleo dilepis, C. oweni and Rhampholeon spectrum (Chamaeleonidae), Hemidactylus echinus and H. mabouia (Gekkonidae), Gerrhosaurus nigrolineatus (Gerrhosauridae), Trachylepis maculilabris and T. p. polytropis (Scincidae), Varanus ornatus (Varanidae), Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia, Dipsadoboa underwoodi, Hapsidophrys smaragdinus, Philothamnus carinatus and P. heterodermus, Rhamnophis aethiopissa, Thrasops flavigularis (Colubridae), Pseudohaje goldii (Elapidae), Aparallactus modestus, Atractaspis boulengeri, Buhoma depressiceps, Hormonotus modestus, Psammophis cf. phillipsii (Lamprophiidae), Python sebae (Pythonidae), Indotyphlops braminus (Typhlopidae), Bitis nasicornis and Causus lichtensteinii (Viperidae). We add one species each to Estuaire, Haut-Ogooué and Ogooué-Ivindo provinces’ reptile lists. Two snake species are added to Ivindo National Park, bringing the total number of reptile species recorded from the park to 64, i.e., half of the species currently recorded from Gabon. We document predation cases of Pycnonotus barbatus (Aves: Pycnonotidae) on Hemidactylus mabouia, Philothamnus heterodermus on Arthroleptis variabilis (Amphibia: Arthroleptidae), Hormonotus modestus on Hemidactylus mabouia, Psammophis cf. phillipsii on Gerrhosaurus nigrolineatus, Causus lichtensteinii on Sclerophrys sp. (Amphibia: Bufonidae) and feeding of Varanus ornatus on spaghetti.
We provide the first record of the African Warty Tree Frog Acanthixalus spinosus (Hyperoliidae) for Ivindo National Park and Ogooue-Ivindo Province, Gabon.
Dmitry Telnov
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A rediscovery of an interesting termitophilous Tenebrionidae species (Insecta: Coleoptera) from Gabon based on the material of the 2016 expedition - see attachment.
Dmitry Telnov
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The Anthicidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) genera sampled by the expedition (arranged alphabetically)
In total, representatives of 11 Ant-like flower beetle genera were sampled in eastern Gabon in 2016. This represent 27% of all African Anthicidae genera or nearly 70% of genera hitherto reported from Congo basin.
ANTHICUS Paykull, 1798
CYCLODINUS Mulsant et Rey, 1866
ENDOMIA Laporte de Castelnau, 1840
LEPTALEUS LaFerté-Sénectère, 1849
NITORUS Telnov, 2007
NOTOXUS Geoffroy, 1762
OMONADUS Mulsant, Rey 1866
SAPINTUS Casey 1895
TOMODERUS LaFerté-Sénectère, 1849
Enrico Ruzzier
added an update
Provisional list of Coleoptera families collected in Ipassa (aphabetic order):
- Aderiidae
- Anthicidae
- Anthribidae
- Attelabidae
- Brentidae
- Bothrideridae
- Buprestidae
- Cantharidae
- Carabidae
- Cerambycidae
- Ciidae
- Cleridae
- Chrysomelidae
- Coccinellidae
- Curculionidae
- Dryophtoridae
- Dytiscidae
- Elateridae
- Elmidae
- Endomychidae
- Erotylidae
- Eucnemidae
- Histeridae
- Hydrophilidae
- Laemophloeidae
- Lycidae
- Lymexylonidae
- Malachiidae
- Meloidae
- Monotmidae
- Mordellidae
- Mycetophagidae
- Nitidulidae
- Passalidae
- Phalacridae
- Ptilidae
- Rhynchitidae
- Silvanidae
- Scirtidae
- Staphylinidae
- Scarabeidae
- Scolytidae
- Trogidae
- Tenebrionidae
- Trogossitidae
- Zopheridae
Dmitry Telnov
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A rediscovery! Specimens of Anthicus semicroceus Bonadona, 1984 collected during field study in Ivindo NP.
This species was originally described from Makokou and remained known by single male specimen (holotype) until now.
Small series of specimens were attracted to mercury vapor light at the edge of secondary lowland rainforest in Ipassa forest research station.
Piero Carlino
added an update
An ongoing analysis by Piero Carlino and Olivier Pauwels of the new herpetological material collected in June 2016 revealed two new snake records from Ivindo National Park (the lamprophiids Buhoma depressiceps and Hormonotus modestus). This brings to 64 the number of reptile species confirmed from the park, which represents exactly half of the 128 reptile species currently inventoried from Gabon, and confirms the exceptional herpetological diversity and conservation value of the park.
Dmitry Telnov
added an update
Some ecological information:
dung beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae s.l.) traps produced max 240 (!) individuals per trap per 2 nights (traps installation time ~6:30 on the morning, traps control time ~16:00 on the 2nd day).
In average, there are 10 species of coprophagous Scarabaeidae per trap.
The number of individuals seems stable (200-240 spp per trap) even at places where 2 traps were installed just 2 m one from another.
Dmitry Telnov
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9 morphospecies of the Anthicidae (Coleoptera), 6 potentially new to science
Richard Mally
added an update
I count 259 morphospecies of Crambidae (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea) in the material of 2016, the majority being Spilomelinae (211 spp.). Among the material are also Acentropinae (12 spp.), Pyraustinae (11 spp.), Odontiinae (7 spp.), Lathrotelinae (5 spp.) and Crambinae (5 spp.).
Dmitry Telnov
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Two species of Histeridae (COleoptera) new to science hitherto discovered in the material
Dmitry Telnov
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Main insect groups of interest collected by the expedition and being processed:
Piero Carlino
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Results of the international scientific expedition to Ivindo National park, June 2016
Dmitry Telnov
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Results of the international scientific expedition to Ivindo National park, June 2016