Cloud based Automated Attendance Monitoring System using RFID and IOT

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Pramila M. Chawan
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The regularity of student's attending is previous within the administration of all the tutorial establishments throughout the recent decades. Poor attending results in detention that affects the general educational performance of the scholars. Even during this sophisticated century, student's attendings are marked on attendance sheet delivered by the college members within the room, that results in consumption of your time and also the method is additionally fully manual. Though RFID based mostly} and face recognition based implementation are projected, they are individually enforced. The projected system for student's attending system includes associate RFID reader combined with Face recognition system. RFID readers would be put in a completely different location on the field and in categories aboard cameras for face recognition. Once a student enters the field, the reader sends that location to the server and the student is tracked simply. The server checks the timetable of that student if he/ she are unable to attend a lecture in keeping with timetable then a notification is going to be directed to the admin. This technique guarantees that the attending record of the scholars would be preserved fitly and expeditiously. The system can consequently generate a detention list of the scholars. It is a musical mode automatic application that is simple to control in addition as time redeemable and trustworthy.