A comparative study of two samples of kanthaga parpam

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A. Shakthi Paargavi
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One among the many specialities of Siddha Materia Medica is that the Physicians’ themselves can prepare their own medicines. Although there may be variations in the way and method of preparing medicines, major differences in preparing the same medicine will not benefit the well being of the patient. This concept is of much importance when the medicine contains poly metal and mineral ingredients. Even though the Government and regulatory bodies stress to follow one standard Pharmacopoeia, traditional practitioners and qualified physicians follow various methods to prepare a single medicine. In order to scientifically prove the differences in preparing the same medicine by different methods, the Authors’ of this paper decided to test two different samples of ‘Kanthaga parpam’ through AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry). The first sample (S1), was prepared by a Traditional Practitioner and the second sample (S2) was purchased from the Pharmacy (Market sample). The differences in both samples are noted and the concerns and considerations to avoid such major happenings are also discussed.